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Clear Quartz Tumbles

Clear Quartz Tumbles

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Your tumbles will be intuitively picked for you.


Zodiac Signs associated with all zodiac signs

Chakras: All seven chakras


I am one with the Universe.

I vibrate at my highest frequency.

I channel Universal energies for transformation.

I live in the abundance of divine light.

My mind, body and soul are energized.

Energy Healing with Clear Quartz


  • This crystal is a master healer associated with attuning to one’s higher self and finding the answers of the Universe.
  • It also amplifies the connection with the angelic realm and spirit guides.
  • It unlocks the memory reservoir and aids clarity.
  • This healing stone promotes creativity.
  • The clear quartz pendulum is used in aura cleansing, grounding, upliftment of energetic blocks and chakra balancing, identifying and dispelling negative energy in a room, locating lost items and communicating with lost pets, Reiki healing, Angel therapy healing.
  • The clear quartz crystal is a stone of power that opens, heals and activates all seven chakras and guides you through meditation practice.


  • Clear crystals are claimed to help stimulate the immune system and balance out your entire body.
  • It’s also said to aid concentration and memory.
  • Cleanse and enhance the organs and subtle bodies.
  • Since ancient times people used it to treat headaches, dizziness, vertigo, motion sickness, to improve metabolism, and for weight loss.
  • Clear Quartz is also useful for eliminating toxins from the body, healing digestive problems, and infections
  • As a love and relationship stone, clear Quartz amplifies the feelings and emotions that already exist between you and others.

  • Although it may seem as if you have to do all the hard work to make sure that the vibrations are positive, remember that merely holding Clear Quartz crystals in your hand for a few minutes will enable you to achieve your desires ten times more quickly than would otherwise be the case.
  • Quartz gives us the gift of empowerment and confidence, and really, these qualities are all you need to keep you safe, grounded, and happy in your relationships.

Career, Luck and Wealth

  • The connection of Clear Quartz with personal wealth lies mainly in its abilities to energize and motivate you on every level.

  • You can use this deep connection to strengthen your commitments and bolster your self-confidence when dealing with money matters.

**DISCLAIMER: Crystals are conduits of natural healing energies. However, we do not endorse them as substitutes for medical treatments.

    Note: Original tumbles are expected to have few scars, marks and debris. We throughly check for any crack caused due to fall etc. before sending out. 



    Natural crystal's tumbles.



    Care Information

    Avoid excess exposure to sun. Crystal can be washed under tap water.

    Height & weight

    Height 1 inch approx. per pcs.

    What you will receive

    Natural clear quartz tumbles as per the qty you have selected.


    Product colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings.

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