Bulk Order

Congratulations on planning to set off on this wonderful journey into magical world of crystals.

We understand that starting off a business isn’t easy, however, it’s a truly fulfilling journey when you follow your passion. Been there done that, so we are happy to support you in every possible way.

 Here are few things that we can offer:

  1. Best and very competitive prices for bulk orders
  2. Minimum bulk order is for Rs 5000 exclusive of shipping
  3. We are happy to exchange the stock that aren’t sold after one month. So, what’s not sold can be returned and some other products can be taken in exchange. (Few simple conditions apply**)
  4. Customisation can be done for candles and bracelets
  5. We can help you in understanding the crystal and their usage well
  6. You may select any products from our website
  7. White labelling is possible for products that you create and we make for you like candles, bath salts, oil blends, bags, t-shirts, tarot bags and spread cloth etc.

 **Conditions for exchange

  1. Only applicable on Crystals and Crystal products
  2. Quality check will be done before we accept the exchange
  3. No refund. Only exchange.
  4. Strictly, no exchange post one month