Boketto Life

[bo-ke-tto] Japanese

(v). the act of gazing vacantly into the distance without a thought

Be Alive. Be Free. Be You.

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Our story

Boketto Life birthed during my spiritual quest after I quit my corporate job.

 Being a psychic, spiritual healer and astrologer, I realised soon enough that I needed to protect myself energetically. It is then that I chanced upon the magical world of healing crystals. The more I tuned into their energies, the more aware I became about the connection with Mother Nature and the benevolent Universe. The more I surrendered to the magic, the more I learned from it.

 As a tarot reader, what began as recommending simple home remedies to my friends and family initially, soon took me along a different path where the list of my clients gradually increased by word of mouth. My clients often asked me, 'where could they find these genuine products?'.

This question planted the seeds of a marvellous idea to have an online store where people could buy authentic spiritual wellness and hand-crafted lifestyle products. Eventually, with the love and encouragement from all the beautiful souls around me, the seeds of an online store took roots, and Boketto Life sprouted into being.

As they rightly say, that rest is history.

Boketto Life reflects my beliefs, whether it's in Mother Nature for herbs, spices, crystals, or my passion for comfortable clothing and sustainable lifestyle products.

Some of our products are hand-crafted in small batches, while others are procured and manufactured ethically to ensure authenticity.

So, here’s hoping that you have a fabulous experience shopping with us!

Lots of Love & Light

Parveen Malhotra
(Contemporary Astrologer, Reiki Grand Master, Tarot Reader, Yoga Instructor, NLP practitioner)




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