All our crystals are ethically sourced, cleansed and cared for till it's adopted by you.


  • I can without hesitation say I'm awed by Boketto Life. I have been touched by the newer approach and variety made available by Parveen. Thanks to her for her passion of exploration in the spiritual realm. The crystals are priced reasonable and are genuine. I'm yet trying to get acquainted with the exotic herbs made available at Boketto; nevertheless, I'm in love with them too. ❤️

    Jasmine Sethi
  • I am genuinely sooo happy that I got connected to Parveen ma’am, It felt absolutely beautiful and I can express the amount of gratitude that I am feeling, She is absolutely amazing and radiates the most beautiful energy, I couldn’t be more grateful for my readings and genuinely so glad of the way it just got aligned somehow and came out of nowhere for the both of us, She is the best tarot reader i’ve come in a while and I am forever grateful for her, Hopefully, I’ll get another reading from her soon enough if possible!!! ♥️

    Alina Shanker
  • Boketto life. The absolute best that i have come across. Detailed in interpretation to understand crystals better. And very thoughtful in representation. Parveen is hearty, encouraging and brilliant at what she does. Im very impressed.

    ‘Boketto life (Parveen) instilled in me the value of strength in her ways - essentially by enlightening me about a way of life - my journey with crystals and manifestations started with browsing through the boketto life website…
    Boketto life is genuinely invested in these similar journeys leading to awakening of sorts.

    Rijita Chaterjee
  • I have recently ordered a crystal from you and I'm very happy with the results. The crystal was in exact condition as it was on the website. Delivery was fast as well. Will be back to shop again. Keep up the good work.

    Sarika Vasisth
  • This is like the best best best shop I have stumbled into ! Amazing crystals, absolutely beautiful and what an energy they carry. All their products are of superior quality, just worth it absolutely. Thanks for making such beautiful things accessible to us✨

    Sukanya Sawant
  • Beautiful stuff very good the crystals and also the response is immediate when you ask for help.would love to try more of their stuff.

    Sapna Sathyam
  • Our house wakes up to the energised aroma of camphor and sets the tone for the day. I’m glad to have picked up the aromatic jar. We also bought some stoles for my daughter and wife, who absolutely loved it and sport it with pleasure. Classy pieces, the stoles. Strongly recommended.

    Shantanu Haldule
  • Got myself a beautiful raw piece of blue apatite and im absolutely mesmerized by it and im so excited to work with it✨ im so glad i found Boketto Life !!! also, the velvet pouch is a stunner🦋 i would highly suggest you, if you love and are looking for some crystals, then you are at the right place🐝🕯️ thank you so much, Boketto Life🌸

    Tanishqa majumder
  • Dear Boketto Life,

    Received my crystals yesterday. It was my first time with crystals.Today morning l meditate with my crystals. It was a amazing experience to me. Thankyou Boketto Life for sending me such a wonderful crystals. I will buy crystals again and again from you. Lots of love❤️

    Aneesha A

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