Cleanse & Protect Your Energy In 2023


In tumultuous and uncertain times like these, when the world is battling with covid-19, it is essential to keep your spirits high and not give in to the fear energy which wants to cripple humanity. 

As important as it is to stay at home and build immunity for your physical body amidst this pandemic, it is equally important to guard your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

With this article, we bring you a list of spiritual tools which are handy to cleanse and protect your energy.


Camphor is widely used in numerous rituals in Indian culture. It exemplifies the strengthening of connection with the Divine and inviting abundance and prosperity in our lives. The burning of camphor also signifies the destruction of the human ego.

Backed by science and spirituality, burning of camphor surprisingly has many incredible benefits, both for physical and spiritual health.

Loaded with antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties, it works wonders for physical health in various ways. Not only does it purify and disinfect the air, but its fumes are also known to act as cough suppressant and decongestant.

Camphor helps to heal skin problems such as eczema, acne scars, hair loss. Moreover, it alleviates stress, symptoms of rheumatism and epilepsy and aids in improved sleep patterns. The lingering fragrance of camphor uplifts the mood and drives away the blues.

It also works as an effective insect repellent as it drives away ants, roaches, bed bugs etc.

It is a potent spiritual tool used to dispel the negative and stuck energies from the house and invite the gushing flow of happiness and prosperity. It helps to bring a surge of calmness and stillness within and magnifies positivity in the surroundings.

Hence, integrating the burning of camphor in your household as a daily routine is beneficial in multitudinous ways.

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Sage Smudging

Traditionally, Sage is known to have medicinal and healing benefits in ancient Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Native American cultures. It is known to have phenomenal effects on mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

It is a natural insect repellent; its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties disinfect and improve the air quality of the living space. Sage is substantially advantageous for physical and mental health as it enhances cognition, enriches creativity and reduces inflammation. It also benefits with headaches, sore throat, insomnia, uplifts mood, boosts energy and alleviates stress.

As a spiritual tool, smudging with sage protects you from the evil eye. It helps connect with the higher spiritual realms, cleansing and balancing the aura and dispelling negativity from the surroundings. It welcomes the new and positive energies with grace by helping to release the energetic cords, old traumas and bad memories associated with people or places. Burning sage is beneficial for meditation as it also strengthens intuition and develops a greater sense of grounding.

Smudging and cleansing with sage sticks along with palo santo sticks is known to have a significant effect on your aura and your home.

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Palo Santo

‘Bursera Graveolens’ or Palo Santo tree is native to Peru. Palo Santo sticks have been used by the shamans long before they found a way to America and subsequently to the rest of the world.

The Spanish monks who happened to discover the significant healing powers of Palo Santo christened it ‘Holy Wood’ or ‘the wood of the saints’.

It is known for its inherently incredible healing properties to cleanse and purify every energy it comes in contact with. Its smoke is believed to operate on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Palo Santo is considered a natural remedy for the common cold and flu, headaches, relieving asthma and bronchitis, alleviating stress, anxiety and depression. Its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties purify the air. It also acts as a natural insect repellent.

Spiritually Palo Santo is a powerful spiritual tool that not only wards off negative energies but, at the same time, ushers in positive energies. Burning Palo Santo evokes peace and tranquillity, balances energies and stimulates creativity. Additionally, it aids concentration and is particularly helpful during meditation practices.

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The Healing Power of Salt

For centuries people have sworn by the healing and detoxing properties of salts for mental, physical and spiritual health.

Salt is considered highly effective in healing skin-related issues such as itching and irritation, minor aches and pains, reducing swelling, alleviating stress and insomnia, stimulating blood circulation, relaxing tired & stiff muscles, easing joint stiffness and arthritis.

Salt as a spiritual tool has notably gained momentum across the world. It acts as a potent neutralizer that absorbs and clears negative energy from the surroundings. It helps one ridding the residual energies to attract positivity and abundance, thereby fuelling spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Adding salt while burning camphor dissipates the negative energies from home.

Bathing with an energized saltwater bath helps to relax, rejuvenate and cleanse yourself off any negative energies naturally and effortlessly. Moreover, salt is quite a popular remedy in Feng Shui to eliminate bad luck from your home and life and replace it with prosperity. You may also incorporate the use of salt in daily home cleaning to revitalise your home and aura.

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Meditation and Yoga

Begin your journey inward to heal your life outward.

When the flow of energy becomes regulated in our body, healing begins.

Very often, stress alleviates the physical symptoms of illnesses. As the pandemic affects the lives of millions of people globally, it is pertinent to stay centred in these moments of disruption. As the challenges related to mental health are growing rampant, practising yoga and meditation comes in as a blessing. Not only do they extensively impact your body’s resistance to illnesses, but they also affect its responsiveness to the treatment.

Yoga and meditation collectively are vital and empowering tools to keep us grounded and feeling stronger during this pandemic. Additionally, the energy force of these practices assists with stress alleviation, anger management, mood upliftment, breathing exercises in particular help in strengthening the heart muscles and improving lung capacity.

To conclude, the pandemic has led to these unprecedented times that has brought the world to a standstill and made humanity question how strong and prepared we are to fight this through.

We must remember that the first step always begins with us, it is crucial to take all necessary and recommended precautions to beat this demon. We must make ourselves stronger not just physically but also care for our mental, emotional and spiritual health as well.

Here’s hoping that we sail through these muddied waters and be blessed with Divine grace to see the golden shoreline.

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