Things to do when you get new crystals In 2023


Inviting crystals into your life is special. Remember, it’s not just you who has chosen them, but the crystal has also chosen you as their owner.

Crystals are energy sensitive, they tend to absorb energy from their surroundings. So, it’s important to often cleans and charge them. Also, through their journey, they would have been touched and handled by many people.

 First thing that we need to do is to simply Cleanse!

 Here are some easy options.

  1. Wash under running water – Most simple way to cleanse, but be careful of crystals which are water sensitive.
  2. Rainwater & Bad Weather – Crystals love lighting, rain and thunder! After all, that’s where they were formed.
  3. Bury in salt or mud – Simply bury them in a bowl of salt or out in your garden
  4. Palo Santo or Sage Smoke – Use the smoke of palo santo and sage to cleanse
  5. Sun or Moon Basking – They love basking in the moonlight and sunlight. Be cautious of crystals which are sensitive to strong sun rays.

 Lastly,  Program your crystal and create a bond to work together.

“I program this crystal for….”

Happy journey!

Love and Light 🤍

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