Lab Certification

Since our website is all about spiritual and metaphysical, we understand the importance of working with products that are genuine. All our crystals are genuine and ethically sourced from trusted suppliers. We can verbally assure you about the quality and genuineness. Since, it's not possible to get each and every piece tested, we offer testing and certification upon request.

We do not believe in getting one stone tested for the lot and using the same certificate for the entire lot. It has to be done for each and individual stone/piece. 

However, we are happy to comply with your request. Below is the process that we follow.

Upon request we are happy to get your chosen crystal certified by an authorised lab.


  • Once you have selected the piece and completed the payment, we will then send the piece for certification
  • Certification can only be done for polished pieces. Not applicable for rough stones


1. Government approved lab certificate will be available for Rs 1000 +GST

2. Local lab certificate will be available for Rs 300 +GST

To request for certification, please contact us through "Chat with us"