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Narural Havan Cups I Sambrani cups

Narural Havan Cups I Sambrani cups

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Let the Natural Havan Cups / Sambrani cups be your guide in channeling positive energy, promoting mindfulness, and fostering a deeper connection with the spiritual realm.

Made of natural ingredients like powdered wood, frankincense and myrrh. The history of Havan cups /Sambrani cups can be traced back centuries, their usage is deeply embedded in religious rituals, spiritual practices, and traditional healing methods. In ancient times,  natural aromatic incenses were burnt to purify the air, ward off evil spirits, and create a peaceful atmosphere conducive to meditation and prayer. 

In addition to their spiritual significance, sambrani cups are also used in traditional medicine systems like Ayurveda and Siddha for their purported health benefits. Burning sambrani is believed to have antimicrobial, antifungal, and insect-repellent properties, making it a common remedy for respiratory ailments, stress relief, and enhancing mental clarity.

How to use?

Place the Havan cup/ Sambrani cup  on the holder, at the centre of your sacred area. Ignite the tip, allowing the flame to dance briefly before gently blowing it out, leaving the cone smoldering.

Allow the cup to burn completely, and as the smoke disperses, envision your intentions manifesting.


Charcoal free Havan cone and a burner



Care Information

Approximate burn time - 30 mins. Keep away from children and monitor while the cone is still burning

Height & weight

Cone size-

What you will receive

15 pcs of natural charcoal free havan cups
1 small burner


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