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Muscovite is a mystical stone with angelic contact, stimulating awareness of the higher self.

Zodiac sign associated with is Leo and Capricorn

Chakras: Crown and Third Eye Chakra


I can learn new things easily

I let go off any self doubt and security

I stimulate unconditional love and acceptance

I feel loved 

The world knows the best of me

I am confident 



  • Used for scrying, this visionary stone links to the highest spiritual realms.
  • Stimulates the heart chakra
  • Facilitates astral travel, and opens the intuition and psychic vision
  • Assists in looking forward joyfully to the future ¬†and back to the past to appreciate all the lessons that have been learned.


  • Releases tension from the physical body and aligns with subtle bodies.
  • Useful for those who suffer dyspraxia.
  • Muscovite, eliminates anger and nervous stress.
  • Assists during exploration of painful feelings.
  • Improves physical appearance, adds sheen to the hair and sparkle to the eyes.
  • Helps in managing weight.¬†
  • Controls blood sugar and balances pancreatic secretions, alleviates dehydration
  • Regulates kidney function.

Love And Relationship

  • Muscovite stimulates unconditional love and acceptance
  • Aids in changing the image presented to the outside world.
  • Facilitates clear expression of thoughts and feelings.

Wealth And Career

  • A reflective stone, mirroring back and allowing you to recognise your projections and transform them. (*Projections is the part of yourself that you do not recognise and therefore see "out there", things that you do not like about others are really the characters you¬†cannot accept in¬†yourself)
  • Disperses insecurity, self doubt and clumsiness.
  • Aids problem-solving and stimulates quick wittedness.


 **DISCLAIMER: Crystals are conduits of natural healing energies. However, we do not endorse them as substitutes for medical treatments.