Yellow Phantom Quartz Cluster

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 Yellow Phantom Quartz is a beautiful, mysterious and engaging crystal  that have another crystal within, giving the appearance of a “phantom” crystal inside.

Due to the inclusion of Limonite, it is intellectually-attuned stone that assists the mind in recalling and reorganising memories and thought patterns, acting as a link to the higher mind.

Spiritual Benefits

  • Great for healing and for psychic reading, as it unites the third eye & crown chakra to bring insights into the emotional and psychological effects of previous experiences.
  • A great grounding stone that connects you to the Earth, facilitates inner growth and helps put the past into perspective.
  • A fantastic aura cleanser that helps remove negative energies in your auric field and put your chakras into alignment.
  • Promotes positive flow of energies in your life by removing negative emotion and thoughts.

Other Benefits

  • Yellow Phantom is said to be great for bringing luck and good health
  • It is perfect for people who want to make important changes or move forward in their lives, especially if they feel stuck.
  • It helps you to overcome stagnation and make a breakthrough in your personal or professional life.
  • This crystal also protects the body against harmful radiation.
  • Mentally, this soothing and relaxing stone gives you strength, clarity and inspiration while enhances mental agility.
  • The Phantom crystal also stimulates your memory, thinking process and concentration.
  • Physically, the healing energies of Phantom Quartz are said to be its ability to detoxify your body, enhance the function of pineal and pituitary glands, and stimulate the immune system.
Weight: 555 gms