Yellow Aventurine Tumbles

Yellow Aventurine Tumbles

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Yellow Aventurine Tumbles

A very unique gemstone with powerful attributes which can change your life in mysterious ways.

Zodiac associated with are Aries, Gemini, Leo and Virgo 

Chakras: Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra


I am courageous and strong

I am gifted with creativity

I have clarity 

I am in control of life and thoughts 

I attract prosperity and abundance 


Energy Healing With Yellow Aventurine

Psychic Healing

  • Give you inner strength and make you courageous
  • Promotes feelings of wellbeing and joy

  • This stone will also make you more understanding so you can grasp others’ perspectives and ideas completely, making you very compassionate and help you become empathic.
  • Gives you inner strength and make you courageous.
  • Helps create strong vibrations within the solar plexus.


  • Makes you compassionate and help you become empathic
  • If your life lacks quality friends who genuinely care for you, use Yellow Aventurine to attract real and worthwhile friends
  • Yellow Aventurine has the ability to let you enjoy the present in a carefree manner and be optimistic about the future
  • Yellow Aventurine is highly useful for people who experience very volatile emotions and cannot seem to control them because this stone can center and ground emotions
  • Helps balance your polar energies such as male-female, good-evil, young-old, etc.


  • Helps you get rid of your stammer and speak fluently and confidently
  • Reduces  anxiety
  • If you have suffered from any major accident in life or gone through trauma, use Yellow Aventurine to relieve yourself of grief.

Wealth, Career and Luck  

  • Makes you more decisive
  • For hypersensitive and act our rashly under extreme circumstances should use Yellow Aventurine to become more calm and collected
  • Improve your leadership qualities and make you bold enough to take center stage without any reservations
  • If you belong to a creative line of work, this is the perfect stone for you as it boosts creativity and inspires you with novel ideas
  • Enables your mind to think more analytically and make smarter decisions.

**DISCLAIMER: Crystals are conduits of natural healing energies. However, we do not endorse them as substitutes for medical treatments.

    Note: Original tumbles are expected to have few scars, marks and debris. We throughly check for any crack caused due to fall etc. before sending out.