Vesuvianite Palm Stone

Vesuvianite Palm Stone

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Symbolizes personal growth, spirituality, loyalty, strength, positive energy, and creativity. Associated with all the chakras and especially the heart chakra.


Psychic Healing

  • Vesuvianite helps you break free of chains which are no longer serving you
  • It develops a subtle yet strong connection between your worldly life and spiritual vision
  • Helps you with the advancement of your psychic gifts which help establish important links to the divine beings



  • Helps you come out of darkness. It's the go-to stone for people suffering from chronic depression, a deep sense of guilt, and regret.
  • Known to increase feelings of loyalty which will bring you endlessly close to your better half.
  • Helps to resolve your problems will also untie the complicated knots in your relationship to bring you and your lover closer than ever before.


Career, Health and Luck

  • Great joy and abundance are expected if you regularly use Vesuvianite or keep it close to you
  • People who are ambitious for financial success is that Vesuvianite can bring great prosperity to you
  • Keeping Vesuvianite around at work can be helpful to avoid stressful confrontations with your superiors and colleagues
  • Your success at work can be drastically enhanced with the increased creativity and urge to explore imparted to you by Vesuvianite


  • Helps overcome digestive issues
  • If your obesity and overweight are resulting from emotional stress, Vesuvianite will aid you in slow and healthy weight loss
  • Helps strengthen teeth, bone and limbs
  • If you suffer from illnesses caused by extreme stress and anxiety, like a racing heart, use Vesuvianite to relieve your stress and calm yourself down

Weight 65 gms