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Vardhaman Pendant

Vardhaman Pendant

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This gorgeous Vardhaman Pendant- designed by Lin Laishram, is in collaboration with Shamoo Sana.

Length: 18inches
Metal: 18kt gold plated silver with ruby stud or white stone.

Vardhaman, meaning leading to growth. This particular piece is inspired the waxing moon phase when it’s shape is a slender crescent (just like the pendant).

A lot happens at this moon phase, new seeds are sown, new desires are set to be achieved, new dreams are manifested and it all begins from the heart!

When the heart truly wants it, the mind, body and soul slowly joins in and turn it into reality. Since this beautiful journey begins from the heart, it’s a Rose Quartz the stone of unconditional love, which is foundation to anything that we set out to achieve.

Rose Quartz gently touches the inner longing of our soul, which allows the crystal to access divine love on any wavelength so that we can then tap into it and touch the heart’s truest and deepest desires in a process to awaken and eventually achieve it.




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