Unakite Bracelet

Unakite Bracelet

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Stone of vision. Pink in Unakite represents, innocence, love, happiness and the green tones represent  growth, wealth, career, and success.

*Available in Sphere and Tumbled form too


  • Balances emotions with spirituality.
  • Facilitates re-birthing by removing past blockages and releasing patterns that inhibit spiritual and psychological growth.
  • Promotes visualization and psychic vision.
  • Helps in grouping post meditation and psychic work.
  • Brings in calm and gentle energy.


  • Negates the effects of electromagnetic pollution.
  • Helps in recovery process of major illness.
  • Treats reproductive system and aids healthy pregnancy.
  • Aids the growth of skin tissues and hair.

Career, Wealth and Luck

  • Excellent stone to aid in the decision-making process, especially when the decisions you are having to make have you trapped