Sunstone Sphere

Sunstone Sphere

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SUNSTONE -Discover The Light Within

Spheres are usually shaped from larger pieces of crystals and they may well have planes or flaws within them. They radiate energy smoothly and evenly in all directions. They can also slow down and neutralise harmful or unbalanced energies.

Traditionally, it was used in scrying  as a window to the past or future, they move energy through time and provide a glimpse of what is to come or what has been.

Sphere’s help open the Third Eye Chakra, assisting people in developing clairvoyance.

*Available in tumbled and heart form.

Chakra : Muldhara or Root Chakra, Svadhisthana or Sacral Chakra; Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra

Energy Healing with Sunstone


  • Sunstone embodies the Yang energy of the Universe as Moonstone symbolises the Yin energy. One can work with both these crystals to balance the masculine and the feminine energies within.
  • The gorgeous sunset orange healing crystal represents the fiery energy of the Sun that connects you with the Universal life force and lets your light shine in the world.
  • It aids in attaining equilibrium and energising all seven chakras by bringing the warmth of the divine light to improve overall chakra health.
  • It helps you to be ‘in the present’ by improving the sense of groundedness.
  • You may also harness the Sun’s energy with this crystal to use it for tarot readings and reiki healing.

 Love and Relationships 

  • Work with this crystal if you have a hard time saying ‘no’ as it encourages you to step into your power fearlessly and reaffirm your boundaries.
  • It assists in detachment from the fear of abandonment and discrimination and supports self-love.
  • Being associated with the lower chakras sunstone also stimulates sensuality and physical stamina.

Career, Wealth and Luck

  • It helps in dissipating fear and leaves you feeling courageous.
  •  You can build and further enhance leadership qualities.
  • Sunstone helps in the transmutation of crippling self-doubts and replaces these negative thoughts with a greater inner conviction, independence and originality.
  • It’s a must-have crystal for inviting the regenerative energy of the Sun to flow through you and for experiencing abundant joy and prosperity in your life.
  • As the Sun shines in all its glory, one can attract sudden fame and good fortune by tapping into the energy of sunstone.


  • The vibrant energy of sunstone alleviates stress, assists in overcoming phobias and sharpens cognitive abilities.
  • It improves overall vitality and helps one get rid of sluggishness.
  • It also boosts digestion and increases metabolism.
  • This breathtaking crystal improves the physical body’s self-healing capabilities and works wonders in joint pains and aches.


I awaken the divine light within.

I invite universal abundance.

I am the creator of my destiny.

I am courageous.

I choose happiness and joy.

**DISCLAIMER: Crystals are conduits of natural healing energies. However, we do not endorse them as substitutes for medical treatments.