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Sri Yantra Grid Plate

Sri Yantra Grid Plate

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Crystal Grids are the energetic arrangement of crystals on a sacred geometry pattern  for with an intention to manifest our deepest dreams, goals, and desires.

Sacred Geometry is all around us. It can be found in architecture, the leaves, branches, flowers and in the cells of the human body. Many believe geometry provides the container for all of life, and through the study of sacred geometry, we can gain an understanding of the universe around us, and unlock the building blocks of creation.

About Sri Yantra Grid

This Chakra is one of the least talked about yet most mysterious and remarkable energy centres in the body.  However, it's the most powerful and important Yantras to help you fulfill your dreams.  It is considered as the mother of all Yantras because they all come from this diagram.Formed by nine interlocking triangles that radiate from the central point, known as a Bindu. Yantra means 'instrument' or 'machine' in Sanskrit and represents the union of masculine and feminine divine energy. It is an auspicious symbol for prosperity, as you focus your energies and desires for manifesting. Its focus is wealth and will aid your spiritual and material abundance and the ability to change your life forever. The Bindu point represents the nectar of life and the universe, the central point at which creation begins and our consciousness awakens to a new degree.



  • It is a great aid for increasing your spiritual path and practice, an important centre for our health and wellbeing
  • Will support you in solving problems
  • “Shree Yantra” means Instrument for Wealth. It creates material and spiritual abundance in your life.
  • Sri Yantra has an extraordinary power to fulfill all our wishes and change your life forever

How to use it?

  • First of all, there is no wrong or right way. Only thing right should be your intention. Just go with the flow!
  • Selecting Your Crystals -

    You may select crystals as per their properties or you can pick them intuitively.

     Anchor Crystal - One big crystal for the center.

    Supporting Crystals - Minimum six small crystals

    Connectors - These are optional. Single or double pointed crystals.

  • Cleanse the space and all the items you will be using with palo Santo or sage smudge stick.
  • Set up an affirmation statement, write it down on a piece of paper
  • Start creating the grid by placing the anchor stone.
  • Now place the remaining stones around it forming a pattern.
  • While placing each stone, set your intent into them.
  • Lastly, activate the grid by lighting a candle and reading your affirmation aloud. Once done, place the paper under the anchor stone.

  • Duration and Location? 

    Create the grid somewhere that you can see it daily. It should serve as a visual reminder of your intention.

    The duration depends on you and your goals. However, remember to cleanse and recharge the grid just like you would any other crystal.

  • Remember, whether you have a few or a lot of crystals, grid plates or not, your intention is what matters most!

**Note: Tumbles are not included 

Diameter : 15 cms

Material: Cork





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