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Spellbound essential oils roll-on - Sleep Well

Spellbound essential oils roll-on - Sleep Well

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For a sound sleep and to unwind. Get anxiety and stress out of the window. Slip into a peaceful and rejuvenating sleep effortlessly.


"My body deserves a good night's sleep. I am thankful for the day I've had. I embrace peace as I fall asleep. Stress and anxiety won't keep me from my rest. I nourish my mind by getting restful sleep"

Produced in small batches, these roll-on receive devoted attention and fulfil their own special purposes. Cleansed and infused with the energy of Angels and Guides, we set intentions for each piece to ensure they have the maximum positive impact on you.

Suitable essential oils and crystals have been added to amplify your intentions.


  • Apply it at various pulse points and temples to help soothe symptoms of cold and flu
  • If you want to make sure that you absorb the essential oil blend as effectively as possible, then set your desired intention and apply the roller to one or all of these parts of your body:

    • Inner wrist
    • Behind the ear
    • On the temples
    • Ankles
    • Sole
    • Nape of the neck


  • Essential oils have been used for centuries to naturally help all sorts of different ailments using botanical ingredients.
  • Essential oils can make a powerful addition to any health and wellness plan
  • Various oils with different benefits have been carefully combined keeping in mind the ratio, properties to provide the best result

Essential oil roll on is different from perfume. It's for therapeutic purposes. The fragrance is mild and will disperse soon. However, it's effect will be long lasting as it gets absorbed.




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