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Spellbound essential oils roll-on - Amplifier

Spellbound essential oils roll-on - Amplifier

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Cloud - 9 : Energising, uplifting and invigorating

 A fresh and uplifting fragrance with fruity and spiced notes to tap into you senses and make you feel energised.

 Helps bringing in noticeable energising, uplifting and stimulating effects to your space.

  • Great for morning rituals
  • Perfect when are planning for a high and energetic gathering


My Sanctuary : Peaceful, calming and relaxing

 Promotes a peaceful mood.

Enhances your environment and promotes positive emotions.

Helps in easing anxiety and promotes sleep. It may also help to improve focus and concentration.


Hygge : Warm, cosy and snug.

 An ode to the small things in life, Hygge is all about creating a warm and comforting atmosphere and allowing people to take pleasure in their surroundings.

 Great for family gathering during festive time or simply enjoying a lone time with your cuppa, book and a piece of cake!



  • Add some water to your tea light diffuser and add a few drops of the Essential Oil blend.
  • Light the tea light and give it some time for the aroma to disperse.
  • Can be topped up as desired and depending upon the size of space.
  • Can be used in electric diffuser too.
  • Can be used on lava stone or bracelet



Essential oil is different from perfume. It's for therapeutic purposes. The fragrance is mild and will disperse soon. However, it's effect will be long lasting as it gets absorbed.




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