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Bed And Linen Spray - Hello! Sunshine

Bed And Linen Spray - Hello! Sunshine

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Just like the sun, it helps you shine brighter and feel charged up. With top notes of Lemon, heart notes of Peppermint and under notes of Bay leaf to add that zing to your day and help feel refreshed.

  • Great for mornings and afternoons.
  • Helps feel charged up, if you are feeling lethargic.
  • Will help being attentive and focused

      Spellbound Aroma Spray - A great way to include aromatherapy in your daily life. These sprays are made with all natural Hydrosols and

      Certified Natural Essential Oils.

       Hydrosols are essentially floral waters. They are the aromatic by-product of the essential oil steam distillation process and are made up entirely of cellular botanical water.

       These sprays are safe for your skin and linen that touches your skin. Can be sprayed on bed, pillow, sofa, car, curtains and even self.

      It is essentially for therapeutic purpose and not for deodorising the room. However, they help neutralise odour.

       The aroma of the oils stimulates specific parts of the brain, which then triggers off the healing benefits. In addition, the natural chemicals also offer therapeutic benefits when inhaled into the lung.

      Size: 100 ml spray bottle




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