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Soy wax candle – Meditation Candle – Luna, created to align with the intuitive guidance of the moon’s phases. Luna candle serves as a potent tool for deepening meditation and enhancing spiritual connection during lunar cycles infused with the enchanting aromas of ylang-ylang and bergamot. 

The soothing fragrance facilitates a deeper connection to one’s inner wisdom and intuition, allowing for heightened awareness and clarity during meditation.

To use Luna effectively, light the candle during meditation sessions aligned with the phases of the moon.

During the waxing phases of the moon, use Luna to set intentions, visualize goals, and cultivate positive energy. As the moon wanes, use the candle to release negativity, let go of what no longer serves you, and surrender to the natural cycles of life.

With each meditation session, allow Luna to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, inner transformation, and spiritual awakening. Embrace the intuitive wisdom of the moon, trusting in its guidance to lead you towards greater clarity, insight, and alignment with your highest purpose.

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