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Rose Quartz Bracelet - Stretchable

Rose Quartz Bracelet - Stretchable

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Rose Quartz is a beautiful pink crystal that is often used in jewelry, including bracelets, for its metaphysical properties. Here are some potential benefits of wearing a Rose Quartz bracelet:

  1. Emotional Healing: Rose Quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love and is believed to have a gentle, soothing energy that promotes emotional healing. It may help with emotional balance, calming feelings of anger, resentment, or grief, and promoting self-love and compassion.

  2. Enhancing Relationships: Rose Quartz is associated with love, compassion, and harmony in relationships. It may help attract and strengthen romantic relationships, deepen connections with friends and family, and promote positive communication and understanding.

  3. Self-Care and Self-Love: Rose Quartz is often used in self-care practices as a reminder to practice self-love and self-compassion. It may help foster a sense of self-worth, boost self-esteem, and encourage self-care practices such as self-care rituals and setting healthy boundaries.

  4. Heart Chakra Healing: Rose Quartz is associated with the heart chakra, which is the energy center located at the heart area and is associated with love, compassion, and emotional well-being. Wearing a Rose Quartz bracelet may help balance and open the heart chakra, promoting emotional healing and well-being.

  5. Calming and Stress-Relief: Rose Quartz is believed to have a calming energy that may help reduce stress, anxiety, and promote a sense of peace and tranquility. It may help in releasing tension and promoting relaxation.

As for zodiac signs, Rose Quartz is associated with the zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra. It is believed to resonate well with these signs and may provide them with additional benefits related to love, relationships, and emotional well-being.

It's important to note that while crystals like Rose Quartz are believed to have metaphysical properties, individual experiences may vary, and they should not be used as a substitute for professional medical or mental health advice. Crystals should be used as a complementary approach to support well-being and personal growth, and not solely relied upon as a guarantee for specific outcomes.


I invite unconditional love of the Universe in my life.

My heart is open to love in all forms.

I am nurturing, and I accept nurturing from others.

I am kind and compassionate.


Natural crystal beads.



Care Information

Avoid excess exposure to soap, water and sunlight.

Height & weight

6/8/10mm beads. About 20-25 beads according to size
wrist size

What you will receive

Bracelet of natural crystal beads.


Product colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings.

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