Elephant Pendants

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Elephant Pendant: In Asian culture, Elephants are symbolic of  strength, wisdom, solitude, loyalty and intelligence.

In Buddhism, the elephant depicts divinity and is extremely sacred.

~ Amethyst

  • The deep purple-hued calming crystal lets you tap into your higher consciousness.

  • This healing stone of wisdom lets you slip into the spiritual realm with ease and strengthens your connection with the divine.

  • It amplifies intuition and awakens you to your higher purpose in life.

  • The high frequency of this protective crystal guard and shields your energy field from negativity.

~ Opalite

  • It’ a perfect stone for business growth.
  • This stone attracts wealth and good luck.
  • It helps you keep a positive attitude towards your goal.
  • This stone makes you feel positive about yourself.
  • It keeps you focused which is very important to be successful in career.

~ Rose Quartz

  • It awakens one to self-love and the abundant love of the Universe-Multiverse.
  • Also known as the stone of love, this blush pink colored healing crystal belongs to the quartz family.
  • It also encourages loving and compassionate communication.
  • Working with this crystal brings self-forgiveness and acceptance. It also brings in loving relationships and heals the existing ones.

Metal : Brass