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Heal The Heart Bracelet

Heal The Heart Bracelet

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Most often, opening the heart begins by opening to a lifetime’s accumulation of unacknowledged sorrow. At times we may experience this sorrow physically, as contractions and barriers around our heart, but more often we feel the depth of our wounds, our abandonment, our pain, as unshed tears. The Buddhists describe this as an ocean of human tears larger than the four great oceans.

The grief we have carried for so long, from pains and dashed expectations and hopes, arises. We grieve for our past traumas and present fears, for all of the feelings we never dared experience consciously. Whatever shame or unworthiness we have within us arises‚ÄĒmuch of our early childhood and family pain, the mother and father wounds we hold, the isolation, any past abuse are all stored in the heart.

The healing process begin from deep within.

Rose Quartz is the classic stone of love. It helps dissolve old hurts and open the heart to trust in love and have faith in the benevolence of the Universe. It has a melting effect on mistrust and suspicion, and reawakens the heart chakra to abundance of love available to it.

Lepidolite is one of the most powerful stones for countering stress, worry, fear and grief. It allows us to find a strong, stable, emotional centre and prevents extreme emotional shifts. Lepidolite assists us to perceive and release past emotional trauma
which we may still be unconsciously holding on to and allows us to live fully in the present moment.

Green Aventurine Helps release old patterns, habits so new growth can take place. A very comforting stone and a strong protector of the heart chakra.

Prehnite The stone of unconditional LOVE, helping you trust in the Universe's plan. Prehnite links your will (Solar Plexus) with your heart causing a union of your
heart and will. Prehnite sparks your will to heal your heart. Prehnite keeps the heart
sincere and pure.





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