Relationship Crystals Combination

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Love helps us devote ourselves to our loved ones. Crystals related to love and emotions as catalysts help nurture, grow, strengthen and protect our relationship with our loved ones.

Crystals are one of the most common tools used to channel manifestations and each crystal is imbued with a variety of meanings which can herald love, truth, calm, enlightenment, and so on.

These crystals work as an amplifier for your intentions, helping you to focus on the steps you need to take to manifest your dreams into reality. 

* Can combined with Love Spell Candles

 1. Rose Quartz

This stone is connected to the heart chakra and is widely viewed as the stone of unconditional love.

Rose quartz teaches us to take the good with the bad, and to open our hearts and minds to the knowledge that true love is rarely perfect.

2. Garnet

If you find that your romantic relationship is lacking passion, this stone will come to rescue.

Garnet is a lucky stone that is associated with the base or root chakra, this means it can be used to help ground you.

Grounding can be a great time to reflect upon your romantic relationship, it can help you to notice if you and your partner have slipped into a mundane routine and give you both the confidence to reignite old flames of passion. 

3. Lapis Lazuli

Great communication is the key to any successful relationship.

Lapis Lazuli is a crystal that can be used to find enlightenment and increase effective communication within the love and romance department.

When applied to love and romance lapis lazuli can be used to provide insight regarding the steps needed to be taken to find love, or wisdom regarding improving or setting an existing relationship back on a positive trajectory. 

4. Moonstone

Moonstone is known as a lucky crystal particularly when speaking of matters of the heart.

It is because of this that moonstone has often been given as a lucky charm to newly married couples throughout the centuries.

In fact, moonstone was so well-regarded that European and Indian folklore both hold the belief that two persons wearing moonstone during a full moon would become passionate lovers!

5. Selenite

Every relationship goes through some high and low days. This crystal is for those tough days.

This high vibrational crystal brings peaceful resolution to conflicts.

It helps in letting go of pain, anger and brings forgiveness in hurtful situations. The serene selenite evokes pure and deep love and brings about harmony.