Rainbow Carborundum

Rainbow Carborundum

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The Vitality Booster

* Available in raw form.

  • Chakras: All Seven Chakras

    Energy Healing with Rainbow Carborundum

    • Rainbow Carborundum is considered to be the master healer that cleanses and balances all seven chakras.

    • This iridescent crystal allows for internal expansion and purifies the mind, body and soul.

    • It offers grounding and shielding and protects from the effects of electromagnetic rays.

    • The enchanting Rainbow Carborundum revitalizes the energy, amplifies intuition, encourages discernment, relieves eye strain, alleviates stress and depression.


    I am one with the Universe.

    I am loved and protected.

    I embody my spiritual gifts.

    I am happy, healthy and wise.

    I live in balance, grace and gratitude.

  • Weight : 117 gms