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Pink Heulandite Mini

Pink Heulandite Mini

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Heulandite will promote an altered state of awareness and assist you in accessing and visualizing ancient knowledge and Akashic Records.


  • This stone will show you how you can unlock the inherent messages of your dreams
  • Calms the mind and promote meditative states to open yourself up to divine guidance.
  • It has been traditionally used to help make contact with spirit guides and develop psychic abilities.
  • Helps¬†release unresolved and stored issues from the past


  • Heulandite can be very beneficial in the treatment of growths. It can also be very useful in the attainment of weight loss goals.
  • It can promote the overall health of the physical body
  • Its healing energies can assist the bladder, kidneys, and the liver.
  • It can also help with inner ear problems and with boosting the respiratory system.

Career, Luck And Wealth

  • Heulandite will guide you in making wiser and more positive choices especially when it comes to your financial journey.
  • Perfect stone to have when you need to be more open to something new
  • It will also inspire you to step up in your roles at work or with your business

  • This will result to more abundance and prosperity in your life!


  • Heulandite will help ease your emotional pains.¬†
  • It will bring you energies of love, balance, and inner peace, which will positively influence your relationship with the one you love.
  • It will make you aware of the things that you should do to make your bond stronger, and it will also remind you what you need to do to keep yourself happy
  • This stone will help you experience joy every day in your life and connect to positive emotional energies. It will also encourage you to become more compassionate and kind.

Each piece is approx 30 gms 



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