Pink Amethyst Rough

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Pink Amethyst is a very recent addition to the world of crystals found world wide. Despite looking uncannily alike, pink amethyst and rose quartz are very different crystals. Also, many see pink amethyst as the softer and more feminine version of regular amethyst.

Chakra: Pink amethyst works with the heart chakra, the third eye chakra and the crown chakra.



  • It helps view the world from the higher perspective.
  • Pink amethyst is concerned with opening the heart and filling the heart with love.  
  • Helps you to start to enjoy life from a newfound perspective.
  • Offers you comfort during any form of sadness or grief, as you’ll have a heightened sense of truth no matter what adversity you are facing. 
  • Pink amethyst is a balancer, healer, womb-warmer and comforter
  • Increases intuition when working with pink amethyst.
  • Pink amethyst is also a potent emotional balancer. During overwhelming interactions, you’ll be enabled to stay calm and collected, often neutralizing the energetic charge of the situation at hand. 


  • Pink amethyst is a neutralizer of anxiety.
  • Pink amethyst may be able to treat physical ailments associated with intense stress, such as gut disorder, high blood pressure, and an over-sensitive nervous system. 
  • It may also induce lucid dreaming, as it works so closely with the brain and mind. Keep it under your pillow if such an experience sounds like something you might like to enjoy!