Peruvian Blue Opal Sphere

Peruvian Blue Opal Sphere

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Spheres are usually shaped from larger pieces of crystals and they may well have planes or flaws within them. They radiate energy smoothly and evenly in all directions. They can also slow down and neutralise harmful or unbalanced energies.

Traditionally, it was used in scrying  as a window to the past or future, they move energy through time and provide a glimpse of what is to come or what has been.

Sphere’s help open the Third Eye Chakra, assisting people in developing clairvoyance.

*Available in Rough and Sphere form


  • Helps ease tension and clears the unnecessary thoughts in your head.
  • Helps get rid of fatigue and laziness
  • Balances metabolic issues.
  • Regulates insulin level and improves kidney function.

Career, Wealth and Luck

  • Helps in achieving financial goals.
  • Uplifts self esteem and overcome challenges.


  • Helps in speaking up thoughts with ease.
  • Helps ideas to flow freely by discovering or sharpening your talent.
  • Will inspire you to be more open and honest.