Overcoming Stress And Anxiety Crystal Combination

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There’s often not a lot you can do to change your circumstances, but having a few natural wellness tools on hand can go a long way towards helping you defeat stress and anxiety. 

1. Amazonite

Amazonite handles negative energy, worry, and fear like a boss. The calming Amazonite alleviates stress and anxiety. It is said to aid physical healing by balancing the nervous system, relieving muscle spasms

2. Black Tourmaline

Best crystal for stress and anxiety. It helps ease anxieties, worries and feelings of being overwhelmed. It helps you protect against negative energies.

Tourmaline also helps promote a better understanding of yourself by increasing your capacity for compassion–both for yourself and others. And as most of us know, stressful times almost always call for greater compassion! 

3. Amethyst

Considered as a natural tranquilizer.  It Soothes annoyance and irritability. Helps Dispels grief and sadness.It aids in peacefulness not only during sleep but also during the hours that you’re awake. It also alleviates stress. Has a centering, balancing effect. It can also help protect you from negative energy and toxicity, and increase your sense of self-confidence so that you can better advocate for yourself. 

4. Lepidolite

The Stone of Emotions. A soothing and gentle relaxers. Gently eases intense feelings, stress, mood swings, maniac depression, self criticism and over worrying. Excellent for bipolar disorders.

5. Aquamarine

It's calming energy reduces stress and quiets the mind

Aquamarine is exceptionally good at closure; if you need to be able to move on from a situation that’s caused you pain or stress, this beautiful blue-green stone can help you do that. 

It is also an inspiring stone that can help you express yourself, but it won’t cause extra stress–lean into it for soothing, calming vibes.