Natural Amethyst Points

Natural Amethyst Points

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Double-termination crystals have definite points at both ends. A double termination radiates and absorbs energy at both ends simultaneously. Channeling it in two directions at once.

It's a stone of balance which integrates spirit and matter. Can serve as a bridge between two energy points.

These are useful for healing as they absorb negative energy and break old patterns, which can assist in overcoming addictions.

They can also be used to integrate previously blocked parts of self. When placed on the third eye, it can enhance telepathy.

Chakras: Sahasrara or Crown Chakra

Psychics, mediums, and other divination practitioners also still hold Amethyst’s worth in high regard


  • The deep purple-hued calming crystal lets you tap into your higher consciousness.

  • This healing stone of wisdom lets you slip into the spiritual realm with ease and strengthens your connection with the divine.

  • It amplifies intuition and awakens you to your higher purpose in life.

  • The high frequency of this protective crystal guard and shields your energy field from negativity.

  • Amethyst is also known as the stone of spirituality and contentment.


  • It aids in peacefulness not only during sleep but also during the hours that you’re awake. It also alleviates stress.

  • Keep it close with you if you struggle to let go of destructive and addictive behavior patterns.
  • Great stone to increase vitality especially post chemotherapy or prolonged treatment
  • It can aid in the treatment of disorders that affect the lungs, pancreas, and spleen
  • Stimulates fertility and helps in the treatment of conditions related to the reproductive system.
  • Amethyst can work in strengthening the immune system. It can also help you achieve a speedy recovery from a severe illness.

  • It can be effective when it comes to cell regeneration. Natural amethyst is well know as a stress reliever and can also detoxify the body.

  • For those mourning the loss of a loved one, working with this crystal brings healing and calmness.

  • This can overcome good and bad emotional excesses too.
  • Supports through deep and intense conversations with your partner
  • Will help you identify root causes or old hurts that lead to ways of behaving that you don’t like about yourself.
  • This crystal’s energies will help you understand your own needs, wants, and desires in your relationship.

Career, Luck and Wealth

  • The violet energy of this crystal stimulates creativity, evokes a sense of balance and tranquillity.

  • Can be used with the specific purpose of improving intellectual and cerebral thought.

  • This is a wonderful crystal to use if you frequently find yourself in situations unsure of how to take action.
  • Using Amethyst helps you to think clearly and not let your emotions cloud your judgment
  • Amethyst will help you realize your self worth
  • Will help you grow your business
I am open to letting go of attachments.
I am one with the divine.
I am worthy of divine love and wisdom.
I invite the Universal life force to flow through me.