Abundance Bracelet

Abundance Bracelet

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The Abundance bracelet is a combination of five powerful stones that activate your lower chakras and help generate inflow of money into your life. It helps manage finances and take sound decision with regards to money, investment, business deals etc. 

Great to wear it for business deals or simply just everyday. 

Citrine - The stone of abundance. Attracts wealth, success and prosperity

Pyrite - The stone of luck. Known as the "Fool's Gold".  Pyrite should never be absent from your office or workspace because it’s a great symbol of wealth and good fortune!

Tiger's eye - Besides protecting from curses and evil eyes, it assists in accomplishing goals. Promotes clarity and enhances intellect.

Green Aventurine-¬†A lucky talisman for attracting good luck.¬†Aventurine has been called ‚Äėthe gambler‚Äôs stone‚Äô, as its green color is related to money and luck.

Clear quartz - Magnifies the effect of all the other stones.