Manifestation Crystal - Baby Calcite Within Amethyst

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This piece is rare and precious as there is a small piece of Calcite growing within the Amethyst Cave.

When you are absolutely clear what to manifest, this crystal will aid you!


The word “geode” is derived from the ancient Greek word “geoides,” meaning “earth-like.”

A geode is contained within an outer form, when opened, it is hollow with many crystals pointing inward. 

Geodes hold and amplify energy within themselves. Due to cave like structure, it's great for absorbing unwanted energy of a space and neutralising it before it's transmitted back.

What is Manifestation Crystal?

Also known as a “Baby Within” crystal. Manifestation crystals that have smaller “baby” crystals completely encased inside of them. In this crystal we have access to the "baby" as this piece is in cave form which can be opened and closed.


Manifestation – Baby Within crystals have a special focus on the creation and “manifestation” processes. 

  • Firstly, we need to activate this crystal and have a clear mind as what do we want?Having selfish intentions and confusion will not lead to any results. 
  • This crystal will stimulate creativity and original thought and promotes visualization
  • Just like the conception of a baby, nurturing and delivery, Manifestation crystals are very nurturing and helpful to use during brainstorming sessions in the early stages of new projects. They “give birth” to new and exciting ideas, all the while giving useful form and structure to these ideas – assisting you birth these projects into physical reality. 

How to work with Manifestation Crystal?

  • Meditating with these crystals is the best ways to access, and utilize their manifesting powers.
  • Firstly be clear of what you want and write it down on a piece of paper in present tense. (E.g. "I am working in XYZ company at the level of ABC and drawing $$$$ salary")
  • Sit Quietly with with crystal in your hand and focus upon your wish to manifest into your life.
  • Communicate with the crystals using which ever technique you are most comfortable with. Be that visualizing, verbalizing, feeling or even placing the crystal upon a photograph of what you would like to manifest.

While Amethyst helps you manifest, calcite magnifies the energy!


All-round spiritual and psychic stone. Great stone to help you connect to the universe. Brings balance and stability in one's life and clams the mind.


Calcite is a great amplifier. Gets energy flowing by removing the stagnant ones.

Weight : 522 gms