Manifestation Candle

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"The universe is listening to you, wish for carefully."

Candles are an important part of any occasion, right from meditation to romantic dinner. They add to the intention, whether it’s achieving deeper sense of connect with the universe or setting up a romantic evening with your partner.

Our Manifestation Candle is purely hand-poured in small batches with purest ingredients all intended to help you put your wish out into the universe . Notes of Lilac and basil helps calm the busy mind and helps connect with your inner self.

  • Great for manifestation meditation
  • Can be used New Moon manifestation
  • To enhance creativity and concentration
  • Light it during immense stress and tiredness


  • Amethyst - Protects emotionally and spiritually. Calms the mind
  • Clear Quartz - Helps to amplify and strengthen the energy. It has the ability to absorb and store energy, regulating the vibrations in the environment


How to activate?

  • As soon as you receive it, cleanse with sage or any other incense stick
  • Each time, before lighting the candle, set an intent
  • Once done, blow it off, express gratitude and cover it up
  • Crystals can be washed and preserved after the entire candle is burnt out


  • Burn time: 35+ hrs
  • Weight : Gross:450 gms.
  • Small batch handmade
  • Crystals infused
  • 100% soy wax
  • Wooden wick

Note: Wooden wick candles burn low and has a good scent throw.
Hence, it’s great for aroma and not advisable to use it for lighting up the room.