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Luck And Success Combination

Luck And Success Combination

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Whether you are looking for love, extra fortune, or just a hidden door of possibilities, with luck is something that we can attract.

Each crystal is unique, but they all have certain vibrations which can amplify your intentions out into the universe and draw in the powers of manifestation.

Here is a combination of 5 crystals to back you up with extra dose of Good Luck.

1. Clear Quartz:

The master healer and an amazing amplifier of dreams and energy.  Can take your intentions and send it out larger than life into the universe. This is how we attract luck and fortune, by radiating our intentions out there. Clear Quartz can get your message out there loud and clear.

2. Citrine

Also known as the Success Stone and the Merchant’s Stone. It will manifest success and abundance in your business or career. This is a versatile stone that holds a great deal of power and promise. Good luck follows this stone wherever it goes so make the most of those radiant, creative, and fortune bringing solar plexus and sacral chakra energies.

3. Garnet

Stimulates the brain to think of ideas and concepts in new ways. This stone is full of powerful energies and puts you right on the path to personal success. The Garnet glows with luck and pleasure and its very presence entices others to come towards you. Whether in work, your love life, or just wanting to make way for ample opportunity, the Garnet brings it all to your door.

4. Green Aventurine

Known as "The gambler's luck". This stone will make you stop at nothing until you reach the best level of success. While it certainly attracts success and abundance, it also serves as a stabilizing stone, especially when it comes to financial fortune. For those who find their wealth consistently slipping through their fingers, this stone could be the anchor you need.

5. Pyrite

Since ancient times Pyrite has been used to invite the tides of good luck and prosperity in life. Also known as the fool's gold, this glittering crystal brings new opportunities and abundance. Meditating with this crystal enhances cognitive abilities, increases willpower and fuels ambitions.



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