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Larvikite Tumbles

Larvikite Tumbles

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Your tumbles will be intuitively picked for you.

Larvikite is also sometimes called Black Moonstone, Birds Eye Granite, Pearlspar, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, Norwegian Pearl Granite, or Blue Norwegian Moonstone.

Larkivite is a highly protective and grounding stone.

Chakra: Root & Third Eye Chakra

Zodiac associated with is Aquarius


I move through the knowing that I am safe, divinely guided and protected 

I am connected to nature and allow myself to absorb the energies and wisdom of the Earth

I am connected to all things around me with a greater understanding.

I am creative, I am wise,, I am secure with the energies of this stone.

I allow this stone to enhance my psychic abilities and provide clarity to my visions.

I feel healed and awakened.


Spiritual Healing

  • An excellent stone for Lucid dreaming and you will be able to remember your dreams vividly, and this will help you interpret their meaning on a more accurate and timely manner.
  • The energies of this stone will protect you in your day to day activities, and it will offer protection even when you are asleep, or even when you are travelling.
  • Any energy that is no longer needed will be dispelled by this stone, and you will be able to enjoy a positive flow of energies.
  • An excellent stone to use during meditation because it will effectively still and focus your mind.
  • This stone will also stimulate your inner visions that will help ground you during astral travel and enhance your psychic abilities.
  • It will also allow you to see the past, which will give you a clear vision of your past life and how it’s influencing your life right now.

Career, Wealth And Luck

  • It will remove unnecessary thoughts, and it will sharpen your concentration
  • This stone will increase your intellect, stimulate your creativity, and deepen your wisdom.
  • It will help you take in new information and create new pathways for this new information.
  • It’s an excellent stone that will help you achieve your goals and complete your projects sooner than you expect.
  • The energies of this stone will support you on your projects, endeavors, and businesses until completion or until you achieve your financial goals.

  • Will help you make decisions that are wise and not based on your emotions.

  • This stone will also sharpen your memory and boost your memory capacity, great stone to help you prepare for an examination

Love And Relationship

  • Larkivite will help you keep track of your relationship goals so that you will never lose your focus
  • Will allow you to read between the lines to understand what other people on both conscious and unconscious levels.
  • The energies of this stone will teach you the real meaning of patience
  • With the guidance of this stone, you will also learn to keep your emotions in check.
  • You will not overreact at the smallest things, but you will also not be passive or unaffected just because you don’t want to overdo it.

  • You will strike a healthy balance, and you will be able to react appropriately to the situation. Doing so will avoid driving a wedge between you and your partner.


  • Will also work on your physical appearance to enhance your youthfulness and vitality!
  • Used to treat skin problems and disorders. It can also enhance the skin’s natural glow and the body’s physical vitality.
  • Helps improve brain functions and aid in the recovery from heart attacks and strokes.
  • Calm the nerves and regulate blood pressure.
  • This stone can also aid in the body’s metabolic functions and in weight loss efforts.
  • It can help with conditions or ailments that affect the head or the face. It’s also known to help in correcting or treating many learning disabilities.

**DISCLAIMER: Crystals are conduits of natural healing energies. However, we do not endorse them as substitutes for medical treatments.

Note: Original tumbles are expected to have few scars, marks and debris. We throughly check for any crack caused due to fall etc. before sending out. 




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