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Labradorite Pendant

Labradorite Pendant

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LABRADORITE - Awaken The Magic Within

Energy Healing with Labradorite

Chakras: Ajna Chakra Or Third Eye Chakra, Vishuddha or Throat Chakra

  • The deep blue crystal enhances your innate psychic abilities by establishing communication between the physical and the higher spiritual realms.
  • It guides you through the transformative stages of your life and facilitates shedding the old and embracing the new.
  • It protects your aura, releases fear and dispels negativity.
  • Tune into the universal alchemy with heightened intuition and telepathic abilities.
  • Working with this crystal also attracts more synchronicity in life.
  • It’s a powerful and protective crystal to work with if you wish to dive deep into the realms of consciousness to realise your purpose in this life.
  • It helps in the discovery of self by recalling ancient wisdom, dreams and past lives.


I am one with the Universe.

I follow the divine path to fulfil my divine purpose.

I trust the divine process and timing.

I awaken the divinity within.

I believe in the magic of the Universe.

I embrace the magic within.




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