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A fairly young gemstone and was only discovered in 1902. Kunzite is a popular stone known for its healing properties. it has the power to dispel negativity and shields the aura from unwanted energies, providing protective sheath around it.

Zodiac associated with are Scorpio, Leo and Taurus

Chakras:  Anahata or Heart Chakra


I am open to the gentle guidance of my heart receiving fully the gifts of joy, kindness, and optimism.

I am love, and all that surrounds me and all that is attracted to me is love.

I release past life pain and present anxieties. I relax and open my heart to tolerance, joy and gratitude. I embody the love of the angelic realms and am able to go deep within.


  • Tranquil kunzite is an extremely spiritual stone with high vibration.
  • It helps awaken the heart chakra producing unconditional love.
  • Radiates peace and connects you to the universe.
  • Helps induce a deep and centered meditative state. Works great for those who find it difficult to meditate.


Creativity, Career and Wealth

  • Kunzite will bring you inner peace and give you a high capacity for achieving wisdom and understanding.
  • Enhances creativity, as it encourages self expression.
  • Removes obstacles from your path and helps you adjust to the pressure of life.
  • Has the power to combine intellect, intuition and inspiration
  • It will make you focus on what you need to do so that you can achieve anything that you want to.
  • Bring lots of blessings, good luck, and prosperity.
  • Kunzite can help you to find your own confidence to push your dreams for your career and fortune forwards, even if nobody else is backing your corner.

Love and Relationship

  • Kunzite is a stone of romantic love,
  • Helps heal childhood wounds and trauma. Brings back lost trust and innocence
  • Promotes the quality of tolerance for self and others. Kunzite energies will bring you great empathy for the people surrounding you.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Facilitates introspection and the ability to act on constructive criticism. 
  • It will give you a surge of confidence to bond with people, especially new friends and colleagues. It will help break the ice, and it will help you form connections quickly.
  • If you want to increase your chances in finding your soulmate or the love of your life, keep this stone always close to your body.

  • It’s a good stone that can enhance your communication with the person you love.

  • Kunzite will break down communication barriers and allow you to share anything you think or feel whenever you feel like sharing it with your loved one.


  • Can clear up emotional debris of heart ache, stagnant emotions especially carried from past, childhood and all the bad experiences that you have gone through will only make you better in time
  • Kunzite's mood lifting effect is helpful in depression
  • Alleviates panic attack
  • Helps strengthen the circulatory system and the heart mucles
  • It will also be helpful to your skeletal and muscular system.
  • Calms epilepsy and soothes joint pain
  • Kunzite contains lithium and is beneficial for psychiatric disorders and depression.

**DISCLAIMER: Crystals are conduits of natural healing energies. However, we do not endorse them as substitutes for medical treatments.





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