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Kids Bedroom

Kids Bedroom

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Create the ideal environment for your children which will nurturing and contributing towards their growth with this specially curated combination. Kids are also more open to the metaphysical healing the Universe has to offer. This combination makes them prime candidates for crystal healing lifestyles.  If your child does not mentally understand the power of energy healing, they will at least feel it.

Black Obsidian will absorb negative energy and transmute loving energy to help your children develop traits like honestly, ability to let go, being resiliant, kind etc. As children are continuously growing, physically, emotionally and mentally, Obsidian besides keeping your children safe will contribute in their personality development. 

Hematite: A powerful grounding stone which helps create a calming balance between body and mind. It also helps to absorb and dissolve toxic and negative energies for your kid's room. Will also ensure that kids are healthy. 

Angelite balances harmony, love and awareness. Strengthens your sense of compassion. When you are not around, Angles will watch your kids.

Moonstone: Children are a lot more active than grown ups hence this calming stone with oodles of feminine energy will definitely help your children sound sleep at night. This beauty will also keep bad dreams at bay and invite loving soothing energy while they rest it off. Also, whenever they are going through an emotional turbulence, they will automatically be drawn towards the moonstone



**Disclaimer : Be careful if you have younger children at home, tumbles can be a choking hazard  




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