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Green Aventurine Angel

Green Aventurine Angel

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Crystal Angels come in many shapes and sizes. They are not quite realistic statues. They anchor angelic energies, helping you connect with different angels or your guardian angels. 

They can be placed around the home  for added high vibration angelic support, protection or healing.

Call upon the angelic realm to assist you on your spiritual journey. Invoke archangels and spirit guides for divine guidance to heal, balance and protect your energy.

Add these crystal angels to your spiritual altar.

Green Aventurine

  • Call upon the green-ray of Archangel Raphael to work with this crystal.
  • Work with the green aura for Heart Chakra and greater groundedness.
  • Its soothing and gentle vibration helps you to strengthen your connection with Mother Nature.
  • It is known as the ‘stone of heaven’ and the ‘stone of abundance’.
  • It nurtures and heals the Heart chakra.
  • Green aventurine symbolizes good luck and opens doors to new opportunities
  • Its sublime energy lifts blockages and aligns you on the path to realize your true potential.
  • The powerful energy of this crystal builds a shield around you to block unwanted low-vibrational energies.
  • It provides emotional stability, helps in grounding and balancing the energies.

    *Being handmade, the sizes may vary 

    Approx. Length Cms Inches
    Large 7.5  3
    Medium 5.5 2.15
    Small 5 2





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