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For Bathroom

For Bathroom

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Bathroom is a room where we all go to wash and cleanse ourselves. As we cleanse our physical body, it's important let the vibrations of the room be energetically high for the transformation. After all, it's the room in your home where you get ready for important life events or wash away your cares after a long stressful day.

You can even immerse these crystals to your bathtub. 

Green Aventurine: Has the to ability to re-energise and freshen you. Its gentle and beautiful grounding energy can help reduce stress.

Clear Quartz: Since the bathroom is a place of cleansing, you might want to add some extra healing energy to this room for maximum benefit. Clear quartz is an effective go-to crystal for loads of healing and cleansing. 

Smoky Quartz: As we cleanse our¬†physical¬†body here, we¬†need powerful energy cleanser for the bathroom. As we like to keep our bathroom Spick-and-span, we need to do the same energetically. Smoky Quartz ¬†is an amazing crystal to ‚Äúabsorb‚ÄĚ the bad vibrations of negative energy leaving the energy of room clear for you.¬†

Rose Quartz: Rose quartz will create a sense of calmness for the inner peace and self-healing which is essential part of cleansing.



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