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Evil Eye Bracelet

Evil Eye Bracelet

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The Evil Eye Bracelet is believed to provide protection against misfortune, negative energy, and evil looks. It typically features the Evil Eye symbol, which is believed to ward off negative energy and protect the wearer from harm. In addition to the Evil Eye symbol, the bracelet may also incorporate crystals with protective properties. Here are the crystals commonly used in an Evil Eye Bracelet and their associated benefits:

  1. Smoky Quartz: Smoky Quartz is known for its grounding and protective properties. It is believed to absorb and transmute negative energy, cleanse the aura, and keep the wearer grounded. Smoky Quartz is also thought to bring good luck and offer protection against psychic attacks and negativity.

  2. Black Tourmaline: Black Tourmaline is considered one of the premier stones for grounding and protection. It is believed to create a protective shield around the aura, blocking and transmuting negative energy. Black Tourmaline is also known to protect against psychic attacks, electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), and other unwanted energy or intentions.

When combined in an Evil Eye Bracelet, these crystals are believed to work together to provide enhanced protection against negative energy, psychic attacks, and unwanted intentions. They are also believed to help cleanse the aura, keep the wearer grounded, and attract good luck. It's important to note that while crystals are believed to have metaphysical properties, individual experiences may vary, and they should not be used as a substitute for professional advice or treatment. The use of crystals and their effects are largely based on personal beliefs and practices, and it's always best to approach them with an open mind and consult with a qualified healthcare professional or therapist for personalized guidance.


Beads size : 8mm 

Style: Stretchable

Ref Size chart
Size  Fits wrist Measurement
Small  13-15 cms
Medium 16-18 cms
Large  19-21 cms




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