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Energy Protection Bracelet

Energy Protection Bracelet

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Every time you come into contact with others ‚ÄĒ be it your friends, co-workers, family members, or strangers at the grocery store ‚ÄĒ you experience an exchange of energy.¬†Everything on Earth has an energetic frequency, humans included. Sometimes these exchanges are subtle and can even go unnoticed, and other times, they can feel overwhelming.

Energy is like flu, an exchange of energy takes place on an unconscious level, while there is no visible spark when energy is exchanged between others, a noticeable physical reaction may take place," highly sensitive people  or empaths might experience this physical reaction more deeply, leaving them feeling anxious, drained, or even happy, depending on the emotion being transferred.  

Here is a potent combination of crystals to protect your energy at all levels

Black Obsidian, a powerful volcanic glass that's great for absorbing negativity and
cutting emotional cords that block and inhibit us from moving on. Cords not only
hold you down, but they also tend to feed on your energy.

Black Tourmaline is the premier stone for grounding and protection. It helps strengthen your psychic shield, clears the aura of negativity, and protects you from EMFs from electronic devices.

Selenite Used for cleansing and charging other crystals, besides that Selenite is also said to clear the aura of negativities and blockages, as well as open the chakras and raise one's vibration. It's believed to amplify intention + manifestation
practice, as well as enhance intuition.

Lava Stone comes packed with protective and grounding properties. This stone can help you connect with your inner power, which is essential for spiritual growth. It also assists in the process of grounding energy



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