Energized Camphor Mix

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Energised camphor blend contains herbs, oils and spices which is ideal for meditation, cleansing your home and uplifting your mood and energy. 
Benefits of Camphor

*Drives away negative energies.

*Ushers in positivity and peace.

*Improves sleep pattern.

*Clears financial blocks.

*Invites financial abundance and prosperity.

*Camphor fumes act as cough suppressant and decongestant.

*Purifies the air with its antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties.
Large : Gross weight 650 gms, net weight - 300 gms
Small : Gross weight 380 gms, net weight - 150 gms
Set you intent and light a small portion of the product on a diffuser. Do not inhale too closely and keep away from children