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Education Combination

Education Combination

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Education combination crystals for great for students.

  • Enhances focus
  • Helps increase memory and retention
  • Reduces stress
  • Great for concentration and being open to learning
  • Boosts confidence

Mostly revered as a protective, abundant, and stress relieving stone. It is especially effective at relieving work or school-related anxiety and stress.
How to use: Amethyst forms in crystals and clusters and is a great stone for meditation. Place the stone in front of your feet while meditating. The stone is also excellent decor in homes for drawing out negative energy.

Crystal Quartz
The stone of clarity and purity. When used it can relieve stress, help focus, create pure thoughts, and build an overall sense of well being.
How to use: When used in meditation crystal Quartz can be put on any Chakra that is in need. For example, if you are stressed and need help focusing, meditate holding the stone to your forehead on the Crown Chakra.

Enhances the ability to find happiness and discover ones divine purpose in life. The stone is considered the most effective stone for students because it improves focus, better memory, removes mental blocks, and has been highly regarded with helping with ADHD and learning disabilities.
How to use: When studying or testing, Fluorite is best used as a rubbing stone to enhance focus. Hold the stone in the palm and rub the smoothest part of the rock back and forth until one feels focused and calm

Tree Agate
Known as the balancing stone. In its many forms, it can help create harmony and balance in one’s life along with calming and helping face fears.
How to use: When meditating with agate one should hold one agate stone in each hand to balance the spirit and the Chakras.


Widely used to boost confidence, self-esteem, and most of all creativity and true expression.

How to use: Carnelian is best used in jewelry and rubbing stones. Before needing to perform or be creative Carnelian can be held close to the root Chakra or the heart Chakra. Use Carnelian before a performance/presentation, or during math class to help with creative solutions to problems.



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