Double Terminal Ghost Phantom Quartz

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A Ghost Phantom Quartz is a crystal growing over another crystal. Showing the life story and evolution of the crystal as it was formed.

It symbolises universal awareness who is purpose is to stimulate the balancing of the planet and abilities within 

Chakra : Heart and crown


  • Phantom-Crystal is an effective aura cleanser. It will dispel the negative energies that linger in your personal auric fields.
  • Helps to open clairaudience to see hidden answers for making good emotional decisions 
  • Helps to cleanse the inner self it bounces energies which will give you clarity an inspiration as well as strength
  • The healing energies of this crystal will give you inspiration, clarity, and strength. It will also provide you support and insight.
  • Provides you with support and insight and help you to say grounded during high pressure situations again especially when you are experiencing chaotic energies around you 
  • Connects you to your spiritual guide and helps you to enhance meditation
  • Because of the crystal’s very slow formation, this crystal has absorbed knowledge and wisdom that can help you put the past into perspective, Hence, it facilitates accessing the akashic records and helping you to read past lives and recover repressed memories which help you to then understand past issues it can take you between lives 
  • It will also work to unblock or remove anything that’s preventing the proper flow of your life energies.


  • Helps in healing hearing disorders.
  • When you fall sick or suffer an injury, the energies of this crystal will help speed up your recovery.

Love and Relationship

  • The healing energies of this crystal will help you overcome stagnation in your life or in your relationships.


It will also stimulate your concentration, memory, and thinking process.

Career, Finance and Creativity

  • It will help you work on complicated projects so that you will able to complete each stage successfully.
  • It will give you fresh and creative ideas, as well as physical and intellectual energies.
  • You will attract a lot of good and stimulating energies that will help you achieve great results. Everything will come together for you when you work with the energies of this crystal.