Dendrite Agate

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Dendrite Agate - Its name came from a Greek word meaning tree-like.


Keywords: Inner Peace, Acceptance, Self-examination.

Chakras: Crown


  • This is a perfect stone to keep while meditating.
  • Vibrations of this stone will help you achieve inner peace.
  • This stone can help you find out the true you.



  • It’s a well-known stone to increase physical strength and stamina.
  • If you have fatty liver disease or gastric problem then this stone can help your digestive system and can give you relief.
  • It’s helpful in blood circulation. So, people suffering from high or low blood pressure must use this stone.
  • This stone gives strength to cardiac muscles and keep your heart strong.
  • Back pain because of stress and tension can be relieved by proper use of this stone.
  • It can help in brain related disorders.
  • If you sleepwalk then this stone can help you stop.
  • This stone is also used to treat skin related disorders that are caused by insect bites.



  • Honesty is very important for a beautiful relationship. Dendrite gives you the confidence to tell the truth about yourself.
  • This stone helps you understand and accepting the changes in a relationship.
  • If you recently broke up and can’t handle the pain then keep this stone below your pillow.