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Career In Beauty & Fashion

Career In Beauty & Fashion

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The Universe doesn't exist outside of you but within you. You are a part of the grand Universal Alchemy, and crystals are the tools that let you experience just that along your spiritual journey.

All that exists in life is energy. Each crystal carries a unique energy and vibration. Their transformative and metaphysical properties help us to master what we do in our lives.

Working closely with the crystals opens the gateways to the higher spiritual realms and possibilities. They assist you to explore the depths of your subconscious mind and let you embrace your higher consciousness with grace. They find a way in our lives to heal us, teach us and help us evolve as souls which in turn helps us achieve our goals and mission in the path we have chosen

Beauty & Fashion


  • Amethyst is the crystal that removes negativity and establishes natural intuition. Also, it gradually relieves one from stress.

Rose quartz

  • Known as the¬†Stone of love that helps in manifesting beauty and youth.
  • Ancient Egyptians strongly believed that Rose Quartz could be useful to help fight skin aging. This is probably because crystals consist of properties that reduce tension on the skin and encourage new cell reparation.s make our own decisions from within rather than just reacting to outside
  • Rose Quartz has always been linked with the Goddesses in a variety of cultures. This crystal is believed to renew the skin, leaving you with radiant, beautiful skin.


  • Since centuries this stone¬†is¬†known to make one¬†more attractive and beautiful¬†
  • Jade gemstone has a calming effect on the skin
  • This stone promotes the drainage of harmful fluids from the skin.

Clear Quartz -

  • This crystal symbolizes clear thoughts, transparency, and a strong determination.
  • Beauty is also a lot about being beautiful inside out, this crystal¬†definitely will make you beautiful in a wholesome way



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