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Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon

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For the Moon Lovers!

If you are in love with moon, this is a must for you to have.

In many spiritual practises and healing, the crescent moon is considered to be very sacred. The moon represents the divine feminine and symbolizes feminine power, intuition, psychic visions, and creation. 

The Crescent moon  - whether it's waning or waxing, it has a special meaning. 

Waning Crescent The waning crescent symbolises banishing negative energy that is within a person or situation. It is also used to end relationships, break spells, and remove hexes while starting fresh with something new. It is also used to help you remember things.

Waxing Crescent : The waxing crescent moon represents a time of new beginnings. This is a time when you should start new projects or add new things into your life. As the moon becomes more and more full during this time, you will have the energy needed to finish up projects and have a fresh start in life.





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