Chevron Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst

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Chevron amethyst 

A combination of White Quartz and Amethyst. Enhancing and strengthening qualities of a Quartz with the stress-relieving qualities of an Amethyst comes together to work wonders in your life.

Spiritual Healing 

  • One of the best third-eye stimulators which enhances inner, intuitive vision and outer physical vision
  • Aids in out-of-body journeys 
  • Cleanses aura and dissipates negative energy 
  • It will remove any residual negativity that’s affecting your overall vibrations.
  • Chevron-Amethyst will strengthen your visualization skills and enhance your dream recall
  • Is a strong protection stone that will create a safety bubble around its wearer.
  • Helps to gain answers to the questions you are looking for
  • It will promote relaxation and self-discovery.


  • Helpful when you’re trying to quit a bad habit or any addiction.
  • It's strong healing field that can boost the immune system.
  • It can also work in soothing burns, skin irritations, swelling, and headaches
  • This stone is known to be beneficial in purifying and strengthening the blood
  • It can also help in the treatment of hearing disorders.

Wealth, Luck and Career 

  • Helps in increasing your wealth and getting rid of your debts.
  • The energies of this stone will give you strength, discipline, and willpower to follow through with your plans!
  • It will open you up to exciting new opportunities that will generate new income for you.
  • You will help you expand your business circle by meeting new people 
  • Most importantly, it dispels laziness, co-dependency, and procrastination. It will replace it with drive, motivation, and inspiration!


  • This stone will make room for growth and progress in your relationship.
  • You will be able to get rid of the unwanted elements, as you apply all the lessons from your past experiences
  • You will be able to welcome changes, even if they’re scary or uncomfortable., which will help you make the necessary transitions in your life and your relationship.
  • This stone will dispel any kind of negativity in your relationship.
  • It will help you discard the bad energies that are weighing down on you and your partner and affecting the overall vibe of your relationship.
  • It will help you balance the highs and lows of your emotions and strengthen your emotional center. It will also dispel your anger, fear, grief, and sadness.