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Small Censer And Natural Incense Set

Small Censer And Natural Incense Set

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Burning natural incense has a lot of benefit for your mind, body, soul and space.


  • Hold the charcoal tablet with a pair of tweezers & light it.
  • Let it sparkle completely across the whole charcoal tablet.
  • Place it on the censer and add a piece natural incense like Frankincense and Myrrh.

Content of the box:

  • Censer    (small or large)
  • Natural incense  (Myrrh, Frankincense or both 50 gms bottle)
  • Pack Self igniting Charcoal (pack of 8)

Gift Set

The complete set comes a in box made of reusable handmade paper from up-cycled fabric waste.

Product details:

Metal: Brass

Polish: Antique and Gold

Censer Size
Small  Height - 15 cms, Diameter- 7 cms





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