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The vessel for transformation, healing, and abundance.

A cauldron has been traced back to between 200 BC and 300 AD. It started out as cooking pots by mother and grandmothers and then it was used for brewing herbs for healing. Hence it symbolises nourishment, healing and the divine feminine.

Invite a beautiful cauldron to your Altar, it represents the four elements

  • Earth:¬†It's made of clay
  • Water:¬†It's used for holding water
  • Fire: Traditionally It's¬†heated from a fire underneath¬†
  • Air:The smoke or steam released during cooking in the cauldron

What can it be used for?

  • Can¬†burn incense, herbs, or a candle during a ritual
  • To burn wishes for the universe to receive¬†
  • Can be used for herbal tea for healing
  • Create a small fire in your cauldron to represent light or a God or Goddess of light for a ritual.
  • An offering to Goddess Cerridwen, the keeper of cauldron


Small batch handmade and hand painted






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